Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Email 25 August 2010

¡Familia y amigos! How is everything back in the Zona? I have yet to get a letter or anything here in Guatemala. It sucks... One thing I miss about Provo is getting mail everyday. It's all good I guess. Guatemala is pretty legit. I love it here. I miss American, but Guatemala is good too... The food they serve us is actually quite decent. They have like a different fruit drink at every meal so that is really cool. They have had a pineapple one (my favorite so far) and they also had one that tasted exactly like a Jamba Juice. Amazing. Haha. But yeah, back to mail... Send me letters! I don´t care who you are. Just send them. Do it through the pouch. Not really sure how that works, but figure it out. It is a really quick way to do it. Also, if you dearElder me, make sure you changed the address!!! It rains everyday here. Sometimes extremely hard......... Other times it is just a nice mist. It is so lovely. There has been one hot day, but even that didn´t come close to Arizona weather, so it is all good! My room overlooks a ginormous mountain that is covered in Mansions and huge green trees, and you can see the temple. I can see it as I fall asleep because I´m on the top bunk. It is so nice.... Everyone here is obsessed with my ties. I have one kid that is trying to get the pink tie that Waddie gave me off of me. I repeatedly say no.. I let him wear it one day, but that was it. My class each day is at the chapel here. It's on temple grounds, so I get to walk past the temple every day. LEGIT. There is a kid in my Zone, he is actually my Zone Leader now that came up to me and asked if I was related to Breneman Barr Bitner. Guess what, I have a relative here somewhat. His name is Elder Nelson. My teachers are awesome. They are both Natives from Guatemala. I feel like I have learned so much more Spanish in the past week than the entire time in Provo. It is hard to communicate with our teachers sometimes though because they aren´t the best English speakers (obviously). One of them is Hermano Cuque (pronounced Cookay). He is by far my favorite. Every time I see him I ask him this, "¿Le gusta mi cuerpo? ¡Es muy atractivo!" He just laughs haha. I try to speak in Spanish as much as possible... Just not with Ryan. We have a lot of important things to talk about all the time... Haha. I think that is why I like it so much here. Just because I have such a good friend here. Sooo suuhhhhweeeett. The people in his district are hilarious. They make me feel like I'm back home. There is a kid just like Krieger.. It is creeppy. Ryan has been trying to talk me into going to BYU-I with him, so that is a possibility still I guess. We shall see. I have yet to be sick! Hallujah or however you spell it. Don´t really care right now. There is quite a good chance I will be giving a talk and a lesson at some point in church here. Gay, but whatever. I´ll get over it. The pens you sent me basically suck, no offense. The ones you bought last time with light blue on the outside, but wrote black. I think they are called like energel or something similar to that... I'll make do with what I have for now I guess. I bought some latino made scripture cases this morning. They are suhweet! Speaking of Latinos, they are very good at soccer. They just like to screw around with us when we play. I miss you all so much! I hope Rachel and the baby are okay. That is one thing I am extremely sad to be missing. I think about it a lot.... I want to hear and get pictures asap after it happens. Speaking of pictures, thank you for send me the Phoenix Temple info. It looks like it is going to quite beautiful. I´m excited for it. Well hope all is well! Remember, MAIL MAIL MAIL MAIL. Don´t even care about packages. Letters are just as good! I love you guys so much! I couldn´t ask for a better, more supportive family, or such great friends and examples. You guys are the best!!! Love you sooo much!
Love always, Elder Bitner (Now known as the Nazi in Guatemala....)

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