Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Email 1 September 2010

¡Mi familia y amigos! How is everyone??? I'll start off today by talking about my two most memorable experiences since the last time. Last Wednesday, after I finished emailing, I went to the temple here... Also, yesterday we went proselyting in the park. We got on some sketchy "city" bus in front of the MTC here and then drove like 25 minutes to the Central Plaza Park thingy. There were like 200 military people there for some ceremony for the President and Minister of Defense. Or something like that.. It was kind of cool to be there during that. They are loud people. They put me with a Latino companion, Elder Cotton (Whitest Latino name ever). He is from Guatemala, so he was a great help. I actually said a lot more than I expected I would. I didn't do bad at all. In the hour and half we had to teach, we gave out 2 Books of Mormon (Thanks to the Best Two Years I know how to say that) and 7 pamphlets. We got 8 referrals, one of them being to Quetz (Quetzaltenango) so I just kept it haha. We had one guy tell us off... He was old and Catholic. Not a good combo here. Decided I'll just stay away from them as much as I can. It was sweet though to do all that. I'm being eaten alive. Bug bites like everywhere.... Grossness. My teacher challenged us to read the Libro De Mormon in the six weeks we have here, so I’ve been working on that. It is hard... I don't understand most of what I’m reading haha. I’ve been teaching a lot. The main person we teach told us he wants us to teach our District our ways. I guess me and my companion are really good at teaching. Yes, even if Spanish. Weird but cool. I got some DearElders Thursday. That is it so far. The kid I room with got a package from dearelder, so I guess that is still possible. Don't have to if you don't want to... But yeah, it rains everyday without fail. Sometimes hard, other times not so much. I get a lot of mud and such on my pants.. Gay, but whatever. I love the rain! Spanish is coming along obviously. I feel like I’m getting better and better every day. If I just put forth the effort to say something, it usually comes out right. We get to contact at the temples to the members and such on Saturdays. That is always fun. I talked to a guy about Quetz. He said it gets below 0° C there. Sketch... Excited though. The Latinos in the MTC with me are awesome. I've become good friends with Elders Vasquez and Velasquez. One is from Mexico and the other is from El Salvador. So cool. I've decided I think that I want to be a Doctor. Not really sure why, but it looks promising maybe. Send me some sheet music please. I actually can play the piano a lot...  I like hymn arrangements so get on that please. They don't have Air Conditioning here. It's like the windows in Hawaii if you remember my pics. Sucky ventilation.... A kid that is here has a brother that just moved to AZ for Midwestern. Elder Keplinger. Did you recently get a new family in named Keplinger? He is Ryan’s companion too so let me know if they are in our ward. All is well here though. We just got a new kid in our district last night, so we are up to 13 now.... Plenty of space in the small church though...... Well I love you all. Hope the baby is born on Sept 11 still!!!! Good luck with that Rachel and Bobby :) Again, I love you all... Don’t care who you are, I love you. a lot.... BE HAPPY. Always....... Well peace out loves. Love, Elder Bitner (Soldier of God!)

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