Thursday, September 30, 2010

PHONE CALL 29 September 2010

A Note from MOM
David called his Dad’s cell phone asking us to call him right back – I got a phone call to call David (DeLoy was at the church).  Of course I was worried and couldn’t get the phone number DeLoy gave me to work so when DeLoy got home we checked DeLoy’s phone and sure enough he had missed a digit.  We called David and I handed the phone to DeLoy thinking that if it was something bad I could wait and wanted to compose myself before taking the phone.  DeLoy did very well and the conversation seemed to be going well, so I got on the other line.  David sounded really good and told us where he is in a little place called Cerrito de maiz (can’t find it anywhere but we know he is somewhere in Huehuetenango). 
I am sure he will write all the details of his trip on a chartered bus to the mission home and Tuesday night in a hotel.  He does have a lady who will be doing his laundry and preparing his lunch meal (rough life for this kid – huh).  His companion is Elder Thatcher from of all places Thatcher, AZ so he is excited about that. 
He explained that his P-day is on Monday so the Mission President gave him permission to call so that we knew he was okay.  He also pointed out that he is only getting mail once a month now.  He still loves letters but I will give anyone his email address who would like it – just let me know. 
I am more than grateful that David is well, happy and being successful.  I have added a few facts about where David is -
Huehuetenango is a city in the highlands of Western Guatemala. It is the capital of the department of Huehuetenango. The population was about 58,000 people as of 2002. The city is located at 15.32 North latitude, 91.47 West longitude, 269 km from Guatemala City.
Huehuetenango was founded after the Spanish conquest of the Maya capital of Zaculeu, the Pre-Columbian capital of the Mam Maya people. Many people of Mam decent still live in and around Huehuetenago, and the ruins of Zaculeu is a tourist attraction a short distance from town.

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