Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Email 22 September 2010

Hello my family and friends :)
So I want to tell you about my experience yesterday. Haha. I went proselyting in the park again. This time I was originally companions with my same one. However, Elder Durfey and his companion were together still (two newbie’s), so me and my companion decided to do a swap. So, I was Anthony's companion for the day. It was sweet. On the bus ride, like half my body was outside of the bus. That was cool. haha. The buses get really crowded here... Especially when there is like 40 something missionaries standing in the aisles. When we were walking up to the first guy we were going to talk to, a very crazy/sketchy man was yelling at us. Didn’t really understand what he said, but my teacher was with us at that point. I asked her what he said and she was like it was bad. I insisted that she tell me anyway, so she did.... She said that he wanted to cut off mine and Durfey's heads because we were North Americans and Mormons. That was a new experience... I enjoyed it though hahaha. We taught a guy while this guy was like following us around. I thought I was going to maybe have to give a beat down. I was excited... Haha. We taught this one guy for 40 minutes... I recited the First Vision to him among other things. I have never felt the spirit so strong. It was kinda crazy.... After that, we were walking around. There was some concert thing going on, so there were a lot of like teenagers there. This one group of them was standing around this tent watching some guy break dance, when this other group came running up out of nowhere and started yelling at them. Anthony and I were right in between them..... They proceeded to yell at each other as the one group that was around the tent was walking away... The group that ran over then reached in their backpacks and pulled out rocks and golf balls and started throwing them at each other. One kid was running around with this whip thing that a ball attached to the end. This is when I and Anthony decided to walk away... haha. I couldn’t help but pick up one of the golf balls though. haha. That will probably be in my first package home. Great souvenir from watching my first live gang fight. So sketchy, but so much fun. I love Guatemala. So different from America! haha.
  Anyways... On to the other stuff. Everyone here has such legit music. One Elder here has the Soundtracks to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and Jurassic Park and ET.... It is so tight. So, if my next Mission Pres is more lenient on music I want those sent to me. Along with the Best Two Years, the song Go Back on the RM, some Classical stuff, and there is this Symphony called Vitamin String Quartet (I have one song by them, but I want a lot more). Also, sheet music is wanted. Especially for the songs Leave Better (Benton Paul or whoever it is) and Shine (William Joseph, that guy in our Stake). Since your car is having problems Dad, sell it and then put the money in my account. That way I can find a car I really like when I get home, and you can get the most money out of it now :) haha. I really want a Subaru WRX STI. Keep that in mind :) haha.
  So I have come to find out, that my companion is actually the kid Alex Erickson roomed with at BYU. Haha. That was a funny thing to find out. He is a little cooler now because of it. Oh, the other night this Latino down the hall from me shined my shoes for me, along with like 10 other elders. He was so good at it. I didn’t even ask him too! He was just like come here and I was like, if you insist. haha. I have become really good friends with some of the Latinos. Elder Acuellar in particular. He is from south Guatemala and he is going to Quetz. He tells me so much stuff about it. He said I'll see a bunch of Spider Monkeys, big snakes, armadillos, possums, etc. Probably not a Jaguar though :( I’m still hoping I do! haha. I’ve been wondering if you guys were thinking about picking me up or not when this is all said and done. Guatemala is pretty cool. There would be a lot of things to see, but it would be pretty dangerous too. Think about it though!
  OH! I finally got your letter mom. Yesterday... I think I should have gotten it last Wednesday though, they just held onto the mail again. There is a good chance I won’t get your package or other letters. It usually takes a while... Especially the package... You waited a little too long. I went ahead and bought 20 stamps for like 8 bucks just to be safe...
  I basically have the most amazing teacher ever at night. Hermano Cuque went home, and printed off the pictures of Brylee for me and even put it in this little album. It was so nice..... I love that man. He is a National Champ in running here. Pretty cool... haha.
I got kicked in the shin yesterday. That hurt a whole heck of a lot. Huge bruise and scrape now. Freaking Latinos and soccer. geeezz haha.
  So, 6 more days until the field. It is getting pretty sketchy.... I don’t know what to do with myself! haha. I’m sooo excited though. All the things Elder Acuelalr has said to me have pumped me up so much..... Oh by the way, that elder is going to play for the Guatemala National Soccer team when he is done. He said he would hook me up. He speaks English :) haha. The Spanish is coming along. I realized how good I actually am when we were at the park. Since I was with Durfey, I had to do a lot of the talking. It really is coming along pretty well. There is no doubt though, that I will have to learn Quiche. It isn’t a question anymore, just a matter of when. haha. Well I’m very excited to get to Quetz. Tell Becky congrats on the house! I miss you all soooooooo much. I love you guys more than anything! You are the best :)

Elder D. R. Bitner
  coolest elder ever.......

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