Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Email 7 September 2010

A lot to say, but not a lot of time. Guatemala has been freaking amazing the past week. Minus the fact that Ryan is now officially gone :( It is sad. Anthony Durfey comes in tonight though. That will be nice. So to catch you up on what has been going on. Friday, there was a huge storm. I woke up to it pouring rain... Loved the smell. During breakfast the power went out. Came on briefly, but then died right back out. Didn’t last too long in all though. We have had nachos and pizza for breakfast. Not really breakfast foods, but I’m not complaining. It was soo good. Also, on Friday during our TAD time (when we have time to do what we think we need to) I played some soccer with little 9 year old cousins in front of the church on their court. I heard them playing and went outside, and then they asked me and another elder to come play with them. It was so fun. I traded a tie with my teacher. One of the ones I got from Pomeroys. It is nice to have something to remind me of him because I love him so much haha. Best teacher ever. On Saturday it rained so hard. I could stand in the Church parking lot, and the water went up to my ankle. LEGIT! They had a pineapple drink for one of the meals. It was so good. So today since all the other people are gone there are only the 51 people that came in with me. That is the most whites they have ever had in one group but whatever haha. They took us a bunch of places today. It is my acting p-day that is why I’m writing you. First we went to this Topographical Map, like a huge one. Got to see all the geography of Guatemala to its preciseness. Quetz (Quetzaltenango) is nothing but huge mountains. I’m so excited. After that we went to the market in the Central Plaza. I bought a Native Hoodie Sweater Poncho thingy. It is sweet. Haha. Also, I got 5 soccer jerseys that cost 250 Quetzals. It was like 30 bucks. So cheap haha. I got Manchester United, Real Madrid, Germany, Spain, and Barcelona. I love them all :) after the market we went to the mall, where we got to eat. First of all, this is the nicest mall I have ever seen. Nicer than Fashion Square.... I and the other elders I was hanging with went to Taco Bell !!!! It was sooooo good. I loved it.. haha. Best day ever. I got to hear American music :) haha. It was nice. I felt like an actually normal person. After that, we went to this Museum that is connected to the mall. It is all about this city that is supposedly the first city of Nephi. I stood where Nephi stood at one point... Sooooooo sick....... Anyways today was a great day. I feel very accomplished and relaxed. Sorry but this is my only email time this week so you won’t hear from me till next week unless you get one of my letters. I had a sleepover with Ryan and some other kids last night. That was a lot of fun... haha. Like a lot of fun..... So sad he is gone but whatever. Now he is enjoying the field :) Oh, I would like to go on some sick trip when I get home. Look into that... Maybe like a cruise or something, I don’t know. Just something awesome :) haha. Well, Hope all is well. I love you guys. Hopefully the Baby comes soon and is beautiful! Again, I love you all!!!! Love, Elder D. R. Bitner

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