Monday, November 15, 2010

Email 15 November 2010

Hi my fellow family and friends :)
There have been some changes in my "mission" this past week...
First off, last P-day was great. Went to the ruins here in Huehue. Thought to myself, this is probably where Moroni walked at some point. Very cool to think about.... When we got home for the night, Thatcher and I found a window in our kitchen broken. Nothing that could have broken it though, so our Landlord said someone must have tried to break in. They were just scared off by her dog. Sketchy, but cool ;) haha.
We had changes as I had mentioned. My companion is no longer Elder Thatcher... He is now in Momostenango (poorest area in our mission). I now have.....a Latino for a companion. His name is Elder Solorzano and he is from a small town in Nicaragua. He knows absolutely no English, with the exception of some inappropriate words. haha. So I am now speaking pure Spanish, except for when I report to the District Leader and such. Solorzano has 9 months in the mission and is a convert of 5 years. He is the only one in his family too. When he was 11 years old he was initiated into a gang. He has a tattoo that signifies "Crazy Life". He said he stole, drank, smoked, and all that other good stuff. He comes from a very poor family. He said the roof of his house is covered in Iguanas... His parents always had to sleep out in the street because there wasn’t room for them. It is just a sad situation. He is a great guy though. He always wants to work. He is really funny too. I taught him how to play poker the other night. We played Bancopoly yesterday, which is a Guate version of Monopoly. It is just fun haha. And I know a lot more Spanish than I thought too. It is just going to keep improving too.
For changes we had another Mission Conference. Didn’t get mail though... President told us about 2 Elders that were being sent home because they split off from each other, and one ended up making a bad choice. He stressed the importance of being with your companion always and stuff like that. He was very sad with the whole situation obviously.
The other day, Elder Solorzano and I were contacting and came across some Jehovah´s Witnesses doing the same thing. So, we cut them off and went to the next house they were going to go to. haha. Got a new investigator out of it too :) Funny stuff haha.
My Companion told me a funny story the other night. He had a shirt that said "I Love D!ck". He said he would always wear it, until a Gringo Elder came to his town and told him what exactly that meant haha. He threw it away right after that because "he isn’t gay" haha.
The other night I had a bad food experience. I had basically a plateful of mushrooms....... and a tiny piece of chicken and some rice. I ate every single mushroom. Could not taste one of them really haha. It was weird. Still felt absolutely disgusting though for having freaking fungus in me. The rest of the food has still been good though. Definitely not things I would eat at home, but it is all good. I like Guate food. Still liking the member´s fake coffee too haha.
The work is progressing. We dropped 4 investigators yesterday. Yani is scheduled to be baptized this Friday now because we have stake conference Sat and Sun. 2 or 3 General Authorities are coming too. I think all just 70s though. I’m singing in the choir for the Saturday Adult session. My bishop is buying me a tie for it. haha. But yeah, I’m loving it here. I still get homesick, but I know that this is where I should be. The mission truly is a blessing. You learn sooo much stuff from it. It is ridiculous.... I’m enjoying myself greatly :)

Anyways, I have 21 emails today, so I should probably do those now... I love you all and think about you a lot! More than I should probably haha. I am grateful for every person in my life. Remember, always be happy! :) haha
Elder David B.

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