Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Email 22 November 2010

Hey all :)
Still here in the mission, so that is good... haha. Things have definitely been getting harder. My companion is a lot of fun, but is very difficult.
I did have my baptism Friday! That was nice to have. I got to do it... Yani insisted that I would do it. Made me feel really good about myself. I did perfect. One try! haha. Way better than the 5 times with the other lady. As soon as she came out of the water, I can’t even explain it. I was just sooo happy. I loved it! Nothing, but straight joy! I brought someone unto Christ :) It was great....
Another plus about the baptism! Guess who came..... Hermano CUQUE! haha. He told me in his email last week that he was thinking about coming to visit me. I was so excited! Even more so because he actually came! He took his last test in Microbiology Friday morning and then hopped on a bus and came to Huehue! Long drive too. Love that guy. He got there perfect timing for the baptism. I got him a place to stay with the lady that cooks for us and everything. Cuque even went out with us to our appointments and such, Friday night and Saturday afternoon. He owns at teaching... I’m trying to adapt his skills now. He taught me some stuff, so I’m real excited :) He actually went with us to our investigator Maria, who works for our bishop as his nanny maid lady. He made me teach a lot. He made me teach baptism too... But guess what! I got another fecha out of it :) It has already fallen through though. It was supposed to be this Saturday, but she hasn’t attended church yet and didn’t go yesterday... We are going to try and do it right after church this Sunday, if we can get her to go... I’m hoping that works out well :) Cuque also brought me a couple special treats! He brought me a case for Daily Planner. He had one in the CCM that I liked a lot, so he found one just like for me :) that was cool. The best treat though..... was 12 cans of DR PEPPER! They sell at a store right by his house I guess. Pretty cool! I’m in heaven when I drink it. haha.
I did end up singing in the Choir Saturday with the 2 members of the 70 there. One was gringo. We were the only two gringos in the building because none of the other missionaries were allowed to go. That was weird. They sang their own version of the EFY medley that they created themselves. I can’t really even describe what that sounded like. It was the worst thing I have ever heard... Haha. I loved it though because I was laughing pretty hard as I was standing up there. Cuque was too... He was dying haha.
The other day, Elder Solorzano and I decided to do some yard work at our house. All the missionaries before had just let it grown out of control for the past like 6 months. I’m glad to say that it is beautiful now though :) haha. Go me...
Other than the few difficulties with my comp all is well. We played soccer today with the other zone. Lots of people... Kind of crazy. One kid actually broke his nose. We are having a soccer competition throughout the whole mission soon. We are getting jerseys made. Number 11 was taken so I couldn’t get that number..... Instead I’m getting 69 ;) haha.
Thanksgiving is going to be hard... The guy that owns the restaurant we always go to on Mondays is putting a nice meal together for us. All the good American food that we have for the good Holiday. It is going to be so hard being away from the family... I think I will be able to manage. I hope at least.
I’m happy almost always! I hope to better my work this week. The mission is good though. I can do hard things...
I love you all! Always be happy... :)
Love always and forever,
Elder DR Bitner

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