Monday, February 13, 2012

Email 13 February 2012

Miriam Patricia Vasquez Garcia and her daughter, Amy Gramajo Vasquez
Hey everyone,
For starters, we found out changes last night. Elder Celis and I are staying together another 6 weeks it looks like haha. We are both pretty happy. It should be fun. I mean, we haven’t had any problems with each other as of now, so I can’t really complain too much. Life is good in "El Prado".
The baptisms did go through :) Miriam Patricia Vasquez Garcia and her daughter, Amy Gramajo Vasquez, were baptized Saturday! My old companion, Elder Callejas, came down to baptize Patricia, and then his old companion, Elder Austin (his trainer), baptized the daughter. Together they found Patricia and Amy knocking doors. That just goes to show that there is some hope out there for tracting haha. On Saturday though, Callejas came a little early with his companion (Elder Bosh-who is one of my best buds here) to eat at our lunch appointment with us. It was delicious and fun because the four of us were there. Then Bosh and I got the church ready, while our comps went to get the "baptizees". I made invitations for the event. Austin and his comp made their bus back to Momostenango, but Callejas and Bosh missed theirs to Quiche so they had to stay the night with us, which was actually a lot of fun to be honest. Just because Bosh and I are always having fun. We went out to eat... We were up really late talking, which made waking up early so they could get back at a decent time really hard.... It was fun haha. The baptism was good though. Patricia and Amy looked really happy :) They were worried about Amy because she was sick, but we had the water warm and everything so it went really well. Good day... Really good day. Came to church Sunday and got the Holy Ghost, so they are official members! This work is pretty neat if you think about it haha.
Anyways, let's see. I bought some A&W Rootbeer this week. That was a nice, lucky purchase haha.
We were with this one family that said something pretty funny. I was showing them the picture I have of my family (The one from Christmas a few years ago), and they all thought Grandaddy was my dad because he supposedly looks younger than you, Dad haha. Don’t take that offensively, but it was a funny little moment. I don’t see it, but they sure did. They say I don’t look like anyone in the family either. Guess I should change my name from Bitner to something else haha.
On Wednesday we had a conference with President Bautista. We just went over the exact same things we talked about with Elder Falabela. I guess it was a good little reminder. We all enjoyed it. The best part was going to a really nice bread place here in Xela. Soo good...
Lunches this week were good. The best two were Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday, the lady made us homemade lasagna (basically American status) with garlic bread. I ate so much that day... Then on Friday we ate with the Sister missionaries at this lady's house. She ordered us some really delicious Chinese food. It was amazing! Chow-mein with shrimp, chicken, veges, beef, etc... It was good.
That has basically been my week. Saturday was obviously the best day because Patricia and Amy finally got baptized :) Now that I’m going to be here together another six weeks....looks like we have to find some more people to baptize. I guess we'll see what we can do.
Take care. Have a good week. Miss you guys!
Elder Bitner

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