Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Email 27 February 2012

What up¡? Guatemala is still a fun little place if you were wondering. No problems thus far. Turns out I hit the big 19 tomorrow, so that is kind of exciting :) This week has been about the same as last week, but a little more fun. Have really enjoyed it...
It all started with our Zone Meeting Tuesday morning. Bergeson's first one as our Zone Leader. It was a lot more fun than most to be honest. We all showed up early and then Bergeson cooked us all French toast! It was a nice little morning because we just got to chat and eat some food. After the food portion though we had the message portion. Good messages... I was rather impressed with Bergeson. It was pretty cool.
Tuesday night our lunch appointment for Wednesday called us... Asked us what we wanted to eat. Caught me by surprise, so I didn’t know what to tell them. Asked my companion, and he said chicken. That is what I told him... After I hung up though, I realized that was really dumb because we already eat chicken just about every day. Don’t know why he wanted it again....but it did turn out really good.
We got a new Zone Leader this week. When we were doing shopping for the week, Bergeson's companion got a phone saying he had emergency changes. Berg's new companion and our new Zone Leader is Elder Cuellar! He is one of the Latinos that were with us in the CCM. I’m sure I wrote home about him at some point because he was my favorite one there :) We still are good friends now too, so two of my best buds in the mission are my Zone Leaders now. Pretty legit right?
Thursday we did a bunch of service. I never even got into my "missionary attire" the entire day, so I felt somewhat weird. In the morning we had planning, so we didn’t even leave because of that...but at lunch time we left the house in our service clothes because right after we were going to go straight to do service. We ended up being at the service until 6:40ish, so knowing it was late we just passed by the house of one of our investigators really quick in normal clothes. They were quite surprised, but we didn’t have time to go home to change to be to the appointment on time...Therefore, we just went. Then after visiting there we just went home. Very strange day... I felt pretty weird. My recent covert did sew up my pockets on my jeans though, so I no longer have big ol' holes:)
Friday we did divisions with Bergeson and Cuellar. Bergeson came to my area and my companion went to his area. They were pretty fun. The purpose was to show them how small our area actually is... They now see how small it is haha. Berg and I made pupusas with the Sister's though, so that was fun. Also, we ordered pizza...so that too was obviously fun haha. I really get along with Bergeson so well. It is weird to me. It seems like we knew each other before the mission! He and Shaw though have really become two of my best friends. They are two I will for sure never lose contact with.
Saturday at our lunch appointment, we received something extra special. As we were leaving, the lady said to me, "You're from Arizona right?" I said, "Yes..." She responded, "My husband found this soda that he always drank there. He says it is his favorite... Have you heard of it?" She pulled out a can, and it happened to be Dr. Pepper. I explained how it was my favorite, so in return she gave both of us one to take on the go. It was delicious :) haha.
Saturday night we played with modeling clay ("Play-Do") with our recent converts for a good while. Amy, the little girl, was laughing her head off. We were having a really good time. I even made myself out of the stuff. Sadly I was the worst sculptor though.
Church was good too. Same ol' stuff. My best buddy from the ward that moved to the capital was back visiting. So it was nice visiting with him... We are getting a new Ward Mission Leader next week, so we'll see what happens with that.
Life is good though. As always... Still loving my area and everything. Hope all is well for you guys back home! Take care please and be happy :) Enjoy the week.
Love you all,
Elder Bitner

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