Monday, February 20, 2012

Email 20 February 2012

Hey there folks,
Not going to lie, not much exciting has happened this week. Almost nothing in fact... Still got to write something though, so we'll see what I can come up with.
As you know, I didn’t have changes last week. I stayed where I am. I mentioned though that Bergeson was going to have changes. He ended up not going too far... haha. He is my new Zone Leader here! The kid was not very happy when finding that out, but he is hanging in there. We all think it is pretty funny he ended up becoming our zone leader. I’m just really happy he didn’t leave the zone after all. I can still talk with the man. Exciting. Also, my MTC companion, Sicotte, is my new District Leader, so that too is interesting. I’m surrounded by people that came to the mission with me. Loving it! Means I have a good relationship with them. The kid in the Pupusa picture from last week is also in my zone now. My zone is a fun one right now because of the people in it. Lucked out this time around.
About the most fun thing we have done would be service... I don’t know how I find that fun now. We helped this lady in the ward move around her store a bunch to make it a little more comfortable for her. Looks a heck of a lot better than it did. Pretty amazing the change to be honest. I even have been helping her make some signs to hang around the place saying some of the things that she sells that people can’t see. I’m not prideful of my computer skills, but they look good for this place haha. We also have been helping the lady we baptized paint the inside of her house. On Saturday we started...We have only finished the kitchen though. Quite a bit more rooms to go... It is looking good though, and is making her happy. So the time really doesn’t matter all that much in the end. The fact that we are helping in general just makes it all the worthwhile.
Helped this other kid in the ward translate some things in the family minivan. They didn’t understand what some of the lights meant, so they asked the "canchote". Lucky me haha. They actually gave us a ride to Stake Conference yesterday in that minivan. My first time in a minivan since I entered the MTC. Felt weird haha. Stake Conference was cool though. President Bautista was there and so was the Temple President.
Everyone asks for my help on English homework. This past week I filled out a packet of English worksheets for our Bishop's son. Obviously I can’t say no to him... Then a lady that we buy drinks and snacks from a lot asked me to do her sister's English homework. Ridiculous...
That has been my week. Nothing too big as you might have realized. We are in the process of trying to find new people to teach, so hopefully we will find some pretty positive people to baptize in this next little bit. We'll see...
Hope all is well back there. Happy birthday to Grandma on Friday! 73…
I love you all.
Elder Bitner

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