Thursday, April 19, 2012

Email 16 April 2012

Still in Nahualá... haha. Good ol' Quiche talking. People have been teaching me little things though. On Saturday they taught me how to ask a girl to marry me. Ever since then, I have been popping the big question to everyone. Surprisingly there are a lot of rejections haha. Cool right? It is pretty fun to learn little things like that because they are really easy to remember. Trying to speak the thing fluently though? That is a very different story. Got some good news! We set a baptismal date with this guy named Juan this past week... Come to think of it, almost all our investigators names are Juan hahaha. This one is the husband of a member, so it would be really good if he follows through with it so he can get sealed someday in the temple with his family. It is scheduled for the 28th... We're really hoping that it works out. He looks positive about it, but it isn’t a for sure thing sadly. This past week we started to read the Book of Mormon throughout the mission. We have 40 days to read we have 33 left. I’m a little ahead of schedule, so all is well. I didn’t think I would keep up very well because of love to mark things, but I’m doing well! We also had the goal of contacting 40 people this past week. By contacting I mean putting a follow-up appointment with them. Out of the 40 we got 31... It is really hard to talk to people in Spanish while they respond in Quiche. They are intelligent enough to not let us know that they speak Spanish, so they just speak in Quiche until we walk away. Rain is on its way. Rained a ton this past week. Thursday we almost didn’t even leave the house... It was pouring for over 4 hours nonstop. It was crazy cool. I’m happy it is back because now everything will be green again :) Right before I leave. Perfect timing. Saturday night we were at another dinner appointment, when everyone started screaming in Quiche and ran out of the house. Nuñez and I were just like what? haha. We had no idea what was happening, but turned out that the electricity shorted and almost started a fire. It was shooting out a ton of sparks and having mini-explosion sounding things. It was very weird. I just wish the people would have said something in Spanish to us at least... Luckily we left out of curiosity, so we managed to survive :) Life is going well though. Have thought about home a lot this past week, so that is kind of sad for me haha, but hanging in there and loving all that I can! Take it easy everyone. Happy late B-Day to Derek! haha.
With much love, Elder Bitner

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