Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Email 2 April 2012

David's view of Conference
Oh Hello,
Where to start? Things have been very interesting this past week...
I am in the "trio. I’m still with Conte and he is still awesome. Love the kid... The new kid his name is Elder Chacón, and he is from El Salvador.
So Conte had an interview on Friday at the Mission Home. It was interesting... It was with the mission nurses too. All they talked about really was his back problems. Looks like he is going to have to go to the capital to figure things out. Conte has another interview tonight at 6. Who knows why, but we'll be at the mission home yet again today. Yay for us :/
Things in the area were good this past week. We had two activities. On Wednesday we had an Elder's Quorum activity. Played some soccer... Had a little "barbeque"... It was good because we got some inactive members to show up. Nice, right? Then on Thursday, we went to our Ward's mutual. The youth played volleyball :) It was a lot of fun. Our Bishop invited to go because the youth were going to bring friends and what not. We found 4 news that night. Worked out well :)
Now to the conference! General Conference was awesome this time around... I loved it. Weekends are so much better here when it is General Conference time. Can’t describe how much better I feel now after watching it over the last couple of days. Out of all the sessions I have 5 favorite talks. Henry B. Eyring's from Sunday morning... Monson's from Priesthood Session. Uchtdorf's from Sunday morning...and then both Ballard's and Haleck's from the afternoon session Sunday. It was awesome. Hope you were all able to see a good portion of the whole thing! I’m excited for the next round of them. I’ll be home, which will make it even better! haha.
"Acting on even a twig of faith allows God to grow it." -Henry B. Eyring. My favorite quote from the weekend.
Anyways, sounds like all is going pretty well for everyone. Hang in there and keep enjoying life. There will always be problems...but we will always have God to help out.
Take it easy guys. Love you all so very much.
Smile :)

Elder Bitner
Bake Shop (American) - snacks during Conference
New Corte Backpack

Inside the Mission Home

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