Monday, April 23, 2012

Email 23 April 2012

Personas en la casa,
What's good? All is good here. For the most part at least... Life always has those little things that you don’t like to deal with obviously, but we always get through them. "Gracias a Dios". One of those things was the fact that I had to give the message in District Meeting this past week. Almost made it my entire mission without having to do such a thing. I was on a roll and then just had to go and break that streak for me.
I have realized something over the past 7 days. Nahualá reminds me of Cunén! Only because I get to chop lots of wood again :) Not really sure why I find it so fun, but I do and it's awesome. We chopped for some members this past week quite a few days. I lost my talents in that department, but they are on the return right now. Is there any way we can get a wood fireplace at home? That way I can have a reason to chop wood in AZ haha.
Another thing I have realized about Nahualá... The fact they speak a language I don’t understand is one thing...but because it is still "dry season" there is a ton of dirt/dust. You’d think I would be used to it because of Arizona deserts...but not really. There is a ton of wind in Nahualá because it is pretty high up. The dirt always manages to make its way into my house, which means sweeping is one of those hell-ish things I have to do now. Cleaning isn't really that big of a deal for me, but trying to sweep all this dirt all the time..... Happy to say that rain is still here, so the "rainy season" is almost here :) Yay.
We got a phone call this past week from one of the assistants. They put a new task to be carried around in out minds with us. We have to find a new house...for future missionaries. At the end of this change (in 2ish weeks now) they are going to be putting in another pair of missionaries in Nahualá to cover one of the wards. We aren’t sure how it is going to happen still, but we have been looking for a house. They almost don’t exist there. We have 2 options and I would not want to live in I hope I stay in the house I’m in at least.
Saturday night I did something for the first time in the mission. There are these things here in some parts that people bathe in. When I was in Colo they were called "Chuns" or something like that...and here in Nahualá they are called "Tuks". They are little buildings somewhere on their property that serve as saunas or steam rooms. Usually they are very, very small, but this one was decent sized!, so I managed to fit alright :) It was a hot little room. They have a pile of burning hot rocks in the corner and every-so-often you throw hot water on top of them to produce the steam/vapor, while you hold a bowl of cold water to splash on your face and body so you don’t get burned from the steam. They can get very hot. Felt amazing though... I now want one in our backyard, so try to find someone that can build one or build one yourselves. They are very simple things haha.
Yesterday after church and lunch we went on a visit with the relief society of the Calvario Ward in Nahualá. We had to ride in a pick up forever to get to the house of where we were going. I got to stand on the bumper and hang off the truck, so I felt right at home. I loved Colotenango so much.... haha. Great times. Anyways, we made it to "El Rancho de Teja", which is where this family lived. They were recent coverts that haven’t come in a few weeks now. They only speak Quiche and live in a house without running water or that gives you an idea of their situation among the others that live up in the small little place. It was a fun little trip though. My comp and I went and got water for them with the Relief Society. They get water out of these holes in the ground. Not like a well just weird holes that are randomly there haha. Quite the walk to get the water too. Who knows how they do it all the time considering how old they are. I enjoyed it though.
That has basically been my week though. Our baptism still is set for this Saturday, but we'll see what happens with that. We are going to try and see him tonight to make things for sure, for sure. Just keep your fingers crossed :) haha. I love you all so very much and miss you all just as much. Hope all is well and that this week is a good one for you guys! Take it easy. Don’t worry. Be happy.
Love, Elder Bitner
Road so high - in the clouds
Getting water
Inside Steam Room

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